European Laser Senior Championships 2016


Europe’s top Laser sailors provide the finishing touch to the Gran Canaria Sail in Winter season. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria will host the Laser Standard Senior European Championship & Trophy 2016; Laser Radial Women’s European Championship & Trophy 2016 and Laser Radial Men’s European Championship & Trophy 2016 between February 26th and March 4th.

The Official Photo Gallery of the Championship will be at the RCNGC nautical events flickr page  (*You may have to create a Yahoo Account to download the photos)

Further Information & Come join us at:


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At Real Club Náutico de Gran Canaria, there are a series of rules of conduct, which would be convenient to follow, so that all runs properly during the stay in our Club

Dress code: 

  1. Those with access to the club must wear adequate clothing and shoes according to the premises and social activities being held.
  2. On the main and upper floors everyone can wear a proper informal outfit during the day. After 6pm men will not be allowed in shorts or bermudas, only long pants.
  3. Swimming suits can only be worn at the swimming pool area, adequate clothes and shoes are required.

General restrictions for minors:

On the main, upper floors and “Nestor Room” children under 12 will be able to remain as long as they are accompanied and watched by their parents or responsible adults.


Due to limited space, parking at the club is reserved for members only.

Sports facilities:

The club´s facilities should be used in a positive and sportsman like manner.

  1. No roller skates, inadequate clothes or shoes can be worn on the sports facilities, or any other equipment that may damage them.
  2. Adults have preference for the use of sports facilities.

Swimming pool:

  1. Please use the shower before using the swimming pool.
  2. Due to the limited number of chairs and lounge chairs, children under 14 must offer them to adults.
  3. It is forbidden: to disturb the tranquillity of users by shouting, playing games or other bothersome and noisy activities.
  4. Drinks and food can only be consumed in the designated areas.
  5. Chairs and lounge chairs cannot be reserved with clothes articles.


  1. Access to the gym is restricted to children under 16 years of age. Apart from adequate clothing and shoes the use of a towel is needed. Bags must remain outside the gym.
  2. Children under 16 can access the gym and martial arts room only when accompanied by a previously authorized coach.


  1. Please shower before using the sauna and wear a towel or suitable attire.
  2. People under 18 are not allowed to enter the sauna.

Changing room lockers:

Changing room lockers are scarce so we ask that you do not block them and leave sports bags under the supervision of the employees thereof.



  • Show an educated and respectful attitude towards other club members or sailors in the club.
  • Pay the amount required for training.
  • Observe the rules with regard to legislation on tobacco, alcohol and other such substances.
  • Show a level of responsibility during the training sessions.
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