The Island

Gran CanariaA miniature continent, custom built for sports people

Maspalomas dunes, Gran Canaria

A “miniature continent”: that is how Gran Canaria is described, with its incredible variety of landscapes and microclimates which make it unique.
Imagine being a life honorary member of a mile-long open-air gymnasium. A superb gym with fine weather throughout the year. With great temperatures during the months of winter. Gentle sun in the summer, without extreme heat. And an ocean-sized swimming pool.

Gran Canaria is a fine weather island. Custom-made for sportspeople. Surrounded by beaches, with a sea of possibilities to practise sports. A shelter for surfers, windsurfing freaks, divers, kitesurfers, and sailing enthusiasts.

Gran Canaria is such great fine-weather gym. With only one admission fee: you must be ready to have fun. This is why it is the winter destination for a thousand professional teams of all Europe. And for anyone wishing to practise sports in any of the different spots of the island’s intricate landscape. Trekking through pine tree forests, golf next to a volcano caldera, running on the edge of the sea… sports any time of the year!

Please, do not forget. Registration is already open. Surfing, mountain biking, rock climbing, swimming in the sea, trekking, windsurfing, biking, golf, kitesurfing, diving, and practically anything else you can imagine is waiting for you in Gran Canaria. The fine-weather gym never closes.

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