DSC_8786-1maeñaDSC_8792-1maeñaDSC_8865-1maeña Cepsa (RI 1), Canarias Explosivos (RI 2), Butxaca (RI 3), Rogue Wave (RI Club) and Coli (RI Promotion) leading after the first day.

Tomorrow afternoon Joel Rodriguez (Laser Radial), Patri Reino (Optimist) and Luis cabrera (Optimist) will be honoured at the Club because of their European Championship wins.Our Fx Crew Cantero-Hernandez and Laser 4.7 Sailor Maria jose Marichal will be honoured as well for their Podium places.If you want to be at the celebration we wait you tomorrow at 19.00 so book your ticket and join us!! 🙂