Due to bad weather conditions, strong winds and waves, the Race Committee decided, at 13:30 hours today, to end the competition.

Therefore, after four tests played in the previous days, the 31st edition of the AECIO Trophy has Samuel Beneyto, of the Real Club Nautico de Gran Canaria, its winner being more regular and leading every day in the water.

Who has also had a brilliant performance is the winner of the AECIO Trophy last year and second on this occasion, Arnau Gelpí of the CN El Balís. The third place goes to Sweden, as it is Lagerberg Street that occupies this position.

The first classified of the girls, is the Russian Alexandra Lukoyanova (who was eighth in the general), second the Canary Islander of the Real Club Nautical Carmen Losantos and third Julia of Juan.

Weather conditions became, along with the about 150 children from 7 countries, one more protagonist since Monday, December 26.

Team spirit was the keynote among all the girls and boys. The best results came to those who were favored by strong winds of more than 18 knots in some moments.

There are trophies for the first five ranked absolute, the first among the under 11 and 13, and the first three girls.

The AECIO Trophy plus the Canary Islands Cup to be held in Lanzarote from March 4 to 5, will serve to select the 20 members of the Canary team who will participate in the Spanish Cup.

Therefore, it’s included within the calendar of the Canary Islands Sailing Federation.

This Trophy is also the second regatta of the Circuit EXCELLENCE CUP which consists of a series of international races organized in Spain. Circuit that is directed by the National Optimist Class  Association and also belongs to the Calendar of the Real Federación Española de Vela.

In addition, the AECIO is included in the Canary Islands Circuit Optimist Class, composed of 4 regional qualifying regattas that are played during the season and one more that is held in Tenerife.

After the second day of competition, Samuel Beneyto (RCNGC) does not give up the leadership (RCNGC) followed by Arnau Gelpí (CN El Balís), winner of this competition last year. The third place has been for the Swedish Calle Lagerberg in the only race that could be made today.

The harsh weather conditions have marked this second day of competition in the 31st edition of the AECIO Trophy. The strong wind in the early hours of the morning and the great swell in the bay of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, delayed the beginning of the competition. Finally, thanks to the wind down to 12 knots, at 4:00 p.m., the yellow group started and at 4:10 p.m., the red group. This leg ended with 8 knots of wind.

The best strategies among the sailors were the ones that gave them the best results in the overall results of this Wednesday and the race course was located in front of the area of the courts of the capital of Gran Canaria.

Since yesterday we can say that there are 7 nationalities represented in this important competition, as one of the children competing has preferred to do so under the flag of their country of origin, Finland. Therefore, the countries that compete until tomorrow in the waters of our coast are: Sweden, Russia, Belgium, Poland, Ireland, Finland and Spain.

Regarding the Autonomous Regions we have sailors from Galicia, Catalonia, Valencian Community, Cantabria and Baleares. From Canary Islands we have representation of several clubs of Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura.

There are four tests that have been made since the beginning of the competition counting today’s discard test for the sailors.

Samuel Beneyto of the Real Club Náutico de Gran Canaria was shown as the most regular making three first and winning each leg sailed today.

The nearly 150 children sailors who gathered in the bay of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to compete for the 31st edition of the AECIO 2016 Trophy competed in three hard-fought legs with 18 knots of south wind and large waves during the first two tests. Hard conditions, specially for the youngest, between 10 and 11 years. The last race disputed today counted on something less of wind, 14 knots and also with waves of smaller size.

The favorites lead the provisional  results, being first Samuel Beneyto of the Real Club Náutico de Gran Canaria, that obtained three first, second is Eduardo Ojeda, also of the Real Club Náutico de Gran Canaria that obtained a fourth, a second and a first. Third today, the winner of the AECIO a year ago, Arnau Gelpí, of the Club Nàutic El Balís.

The regattas of the opening day provided bright moments in the bay of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The regatta course, in front of “San Cristóbal” neighborhood, offered a good show with all sailors in their Optimist boats.

The fleet competed in two groups, yellow and red. Looking forward to tomorrow they will regroup again, based on the provisional general results.

Today it was necessary to wait a few hours to start the competition. Finally, at 13:15, the first race was released. Tomorrow we expect weather conditions very similar to those experienced today, with waves and winds of between 15 and 18 knots south-southeast.

The XVIII edition of this competition has put the finishing touch to 4 days of competition in which the fight for the top positions was the general trend in each of the 11 participating classes.

The 150 sailors from 13 countries that gathered at the Real Club Náutico de Gran Canaria to participate in this prestigious and consolidated regatta and offered a demonstration of quality and ambition in the water.

Two active regatta fields filled the capital bay. With winds up to 15 knots, in which the participating sailors, including Olympic medalists and diplomas, world and European champions – and international top athletes – have elucidated the final winners of the event.



In  Laser Radial Women the victory was for  the Greek Vasileia Karachaliou ahead of the Lithuanian Viktorija Andrulyte and the representative of the Club, Martina Reino.

In  Laser Radial Men category Álvaro Valido won Kevin Cabrera, who finished second and Ismael Iess, third.

Joel Rodríguez did not leave the leadership since the first day in the Laser Standard class followed by his greatest rival and teammate, Joaquín Blanco Albalat. After the members of the Royal Yacht Club of Gran Canaria, the Lithuanian Karolis Janulionis was classified.

In the RS: X 8.5 class, Javier Rodríguez achieved the victory with the same points as Magüi Suárez and only eight points away from Luis Lucas Santa Maria.

In Techno 293 OD, the sailor Claudia Lorenzo was the winner followed by Cristina Marcello and Eduardo Acevedo.

Elias  Aretz and Pablo Garcia in 420 did not leave the first place from the first day of competition, achieving a comfortable victory over the rest of fourteen participating crews. Following the winners, the couples formed by Wichy Hernández-Nahuel Rodríguez and Patricia Reino-Carlota Hopkins.

Like the class 420 winners, the crew formed by Andrés Barrio and Néstor Vega, remained at the head of the 29er class, followed closely by the Norwegian Alexander Klippenberg and Jeppe Nilsen and by the Sisters Paula and Elena Barrio.

Class F18 was dominated by representatives of Germany. The winners were Helge and Christian Sach, in second position Justus Wolf next to Max Said and third Robert Schütz with Vreni VonderWülbecke.

The current champion of Europe, Gustavo del Castillo with his crew Felipe Llinares, finally managed to impose on the crew formed by Rafael del Castillo-Helenio Hoyos and Fernando Marrero-Samuel Diaz.

Finland’s Anna Liisa Oxby finished first, ahead of compatriot Jussi Ahlstrom and Kimmo Pasanen in 2.4mR and Hansa 303 Double the victory was scored by Rosa Padrón-Luis Poladura, ahead of Daniel Llaca and Ana Díaz.

The price giving ceremony took place in the halls of the Real Club Nautico de Gran Canaria and put the end to the Canary Olympic Sailing Week, which has proved a sporting and organizational success according to the words of the sailors and coaches.

Overall winner

This year, as a novelty, it’s worth noting that a special trophy will be awarded to the absolute winner. It takes the name of Manolo Pazos, a magnificent coach who obtained for this Club the greatest triumphs in the world of sailing.

The winners of this award were Elias Aretz and Pablo Garcia, in 420. They achieve this trophy after having evaluated, among other factors, the number of participants in their class and who have performed a large number of tests.

Super sensations and brilliant spectacle in the Capital bay

This Monday was the third day of the XVIII Canary Islands Sailing Week, with winds of between 12 and 15 knots that  allowed the celebration of three more races. It remains open for the last day when the names of the winners will be decided.

This Monday, equator of the competition, was the day to discover how many sailors maintained the leadership.

The Greek Vasileia Karachaliou snatched the first position to the Lithuanian Viktorija Andrulyte after the races disputed today, in a fierce test of Laser Radial.

Intrepid in the water, Joel Rodríguez who continues in the first place of Laser Standard, followed in the general classification by the Olympic sailor Joaquín Blanco that has greatly improved his score today in the contested sleeves.

There were changes in the first places of RS: X that today has Javier Rodriguez as first, relegating to the second position to which the previous two days led the classification, Magüi Suárez.

In the Techno 293 OD category, the sailor Claudia Lorenzo is followed by the canary Cristina Marcello.

Without giving space to his rivals Elias Leonard Aretz and Pablo Garcia in 420, one more day, they go home as leaders and in  29er continue to hold the first position the pair formed by Andrés Barrios and Néstor Vega ahead of those who follow close since the first day of competition, Norwegians Alexander Klippenberg and Jeppe Nilsen.

As in previous days there are no changes in the top positions in the F18 category where the Germans continue to lead the standings without giving more options to the other participants. The first, once again, Helge and Christian Sach and in second position Justus Wolf next to Max Said.

A turn  in the first positions in  2.4mR, that now counts on the Finnish Anna Liisa Oxby like first in front of its eternal rival, its compatriot, Jussi Ahlstrom. It should be noted that the World Sailing (ISAF) has opted for classes 2.4 and Hansa 303 Doble, as the two adapted sailing boats that will compete in the Olympic Games of 2024. Both modalities compete, after this official decision, for the first time in this regatta

In relation to the meteorological conditions the tests have been developed with a spectacular day of sun, north wind of between 12 and 15 knots and without waves which has allowed to offer a very lucid regatta that all sailors enjoyed.

Organized by the Real Club Náutico de Gran Canaria, the Canary Olympic Sailing Week has already celebrated 58. Tomorrow we expect an exciting journey for the 8 categories that are missing to have a winner.

Second journey with better weather conditions….

In this second day all classes could dispute the three races scheduled. The good conditions of wind propitiated a great sailing spectacle in the bay of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

The nine classes participating in this XVIII Edition of the Canary Week of Vela waited an hour on land until the wind rolled towards the northwest and began to increase its intensity until arriving throughout the day until fifteen knots.

Joel Rodríguez in the Laser Standard Class and the crew formed by Elias  Aretz and Pablo García, in  420, maintain their supremacy after the three races. Andres Barrios Garcia and Néstor Vega in 29er have also done the same and remain unbeatable ahead of the Norwegian pair formed by Alexander Klippenberg and Jeppe Nilsen.

A position dance took place in the Snipe class, with a program of only two days for this Regatta, where Gustavo del Castillo and Felipe Llinares finally managed to impose themselves on the crew formed by Rafael del Castillo-Helenio Hoyos and Fernando Marrero-Samuel Díaz.

On the other hand, Rosa Padrón and Luis Poladura achieved the final victory in  Hansa 303 double class.

In Laser Radial, the Lithuanian Viktorija Andrulyte, Olympic in Rio de Janeiro, is placed first, ahead of the canary Alvaro Valido with who is tied points, and a single point of the representative of Greece Vasileia Karachaliou.

The Germans Helge & Christian Sach remain undefeated in F-18, ahead of their compatriots Justus Wolf and Max Said. In RS: X Magüi Suárez, obtained the first position ahead of the also member of the RCNGC, Javier Rodríguez Ramos.

The Techno 293 OD class has the Norwegian Kristian Kramer Wendelborg as first, followed closely by the canary Claudia Lorenzo Jorge.

Adapted sailing  2.4mR, Jussi Ahlstrom, thanks to his two partial victories is placed in first position, in the absence of the latest tests that will take place tomorrow.

For Monday another three races are planned, starting at 11:00 am. The Race Committee expects to start at the scheduled time as the weather conditions seem to be conducive to new tests.

The Real Club Náutico de Gran Canaria kicked off the Canary Olympic Sailing Week organized during these days. The Gran Canaria sailors take the lead in this first day, in most of the disputed categories. Only in F18 and 2.4mR the Germans and Finnish won respectively.

Locals kept the control in this first day of regatta. Sailors of the Real Club Náutico de GC lead the top positions of most categories that were disputed today.

The lack of wind became the focus in this 1st day. The Race Committee gave the start in different occasions since the wind rose and calmed down and finally they decided to stop the race for today.

The fleet that was in the water over four hours trying to give the best it’s made up of 150 sailors from 13 countries and representatives from all the autonomous communities.

The results of the tests that could be disputed are as follows. In Laser Standard Joel Rodríguez, outstanding sailor of the Real Club Náutico, was 1st. In 29er Class Andrés Barrio/Néstor Vega.

All 420 sailors are local and the leaders are Elias Aretz  and Pablo Garcia. The Hansa 303 Double category had members of the Real Club Nautico as winners, Rosa Padrón and Luis Poladura. In Snipe class  Rafael del Castillo and Helenio Hoyos also members of RCNGC.

F18 had in the German sailors, Helge and Christian Sach the most outstanding followed by another pair of Germans, Justus Wolf and Max Said. Precisely note that the Sach are regular in the competitions of the RCN Gran Canaria and have been training and competing for over 20 years.

In the adapted sailing class only Finns were enrolled and Anna-Liisa Oxby won.

The Semana Olímpica Canaria de Vela is possible thanks to the collaboration of the Royal Spanish Sailing Federation, the sponsorship of the Government of the Canary Islands, as well as the Cabildo of Gran Canaria and the City Council of Las Palmas.