All titles still to decide in the XV Canary Olympic Sailing Week – El Corte Inglés Trophy

-This Sunday, the 8th of December, the champions of the 7 Olympic classes and the 2 international classes disputed in Grancanarian waters will be announced.

The third day of the XV Canary Olympic Sailing Week – El Corte Inglés Trophy, organized by the Real Club Náutico de Gran Canaria, offered a great show and an interesting fight of the sailors of the 7 Olympic classes and the 2 international ones which bring together first-level international sailors in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria waters.

After completed the 5 races in all the classes, eliminations have begun and the places have started to be defined for this Sunday, a thrilling day with all the titles in play.

Undoubtely, this Saturday has been till now the day with the better windy conditions, with an intensity between 8 and 12 knots southeast.

In 470 Male the last day is expected to be thrilling, since the first 3 qualified are separated only by 3 points. The Russians Chans/Goretyi are the new leaders with 24, followed by the Italians Desiderato/Trani, with 26; and from the former leaders the Germans Gerz/Szymansky, with 27 points.

Only a downfall will deprive the British Mills/Clark of winning a new competition in Gran Canaria. With 3 first places in the races disputed on Saturday and with 6 victories in 7 races in the general one, they go 12 points ahead from the second qualified, the Russians Kirliuk/Dmitrieva; and with 17 points from the Italians Komatar/Carraro, who are in the third place.

The Polish Jonasz Stelmaszyk, with 12 points in the six races disputed, is the new leader in Laser Standard, after stealing this privileged place from the Italian Marco Gallo, leader the two first days. The Lithuanian Karolis Januliones goes third.

Canarian dominance in Laser Radial

Three Canarians, Kevin Cabrera from Tenerife (14 points), Francisco González from La Palmas (15), both from the Náutico de Tenerife, and the local from the RCNGC, Joel Rodríguez (20), go first places in the qualification of Laser Radial Male and they will play hard for the title the last day, separated only by 6 points.

On the other hand, once the eliminations have been applied, the sailor of the Real Club Náutico de Gran Canaria Martina Reino, goes ahead in Laser Radial Female with 15 points, overtaking the Finnish Mikkola and Tenkannen in 3 and 11 points, respectively.

In RS:X Male, the Spanish Olympian in London 2012 Iván Pastor, is almost about to win the title with 7 points on his side, thanks to his excellent races up to now (1st, 3rd and 1st). The Spanish Juanma Moreno gets the second place, while the third one goes to the Portuguese Joao Rodrigues.

The German Moana Delle has also put on track her victory in RS:X Female, who, with a DNF and two first places, goes three points ahead the French Eugenie Ricard and 7 ahead the Spanish Blanca Carracedo, in the third place.

The title in Nacra 17 class will be fought by the Danish Adreasen/Christensen, who score 7 points, and by the Germans Lenz/Susann, who aspire to be winners the last day of the races with 8 points.

In F18, the duo Schuetz/Odefey go first with 10 points, followed by Raisanen/Sach, with 11, and Friedrichsen/Kuehl, third with 12 points.

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