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Second journey with better weather conditions….

In this second day all classes could dispute the three races scheduled. The good conditions of wind propitiated a great sailing spectacle in the bay of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

The nine classes participating in this XVIII Edition of the Canary Week of Vela waited an hour on land until the wind rolled towards the northwest and began to increase its intensity until arriving throughout the day until fifteen knots.

Joel Rodríguez in the Laser Standard Class and the crew formed by Elias  Aretz and Pablo García, in  420, maintain their supremacy after the three races. Andres Barrios Garcia and Néstor Vega in 29er have also done the same and remain unbeatable ahead of the Norwegian pair formed by Alexander Klippenberg and Jeppe Nilsen.

A position dance took place in the Snipe class, with a program of only two days for this Regatta, where Gustavo del Castillo and Felipe Llinares finally managed to impose themselves on the crew formed by Rafael del Castillo-Helenio Hoyos and Fernando Marrero-Samuel Díaz.

On the other hand, Rosa Padrón and Luis Poladura achieved the final victory in  Hansa 303 double class.

In Laser Radial, the Lithuanian Viktorija Andrulyte, Olympic in Rio de Janeiro, is placed first, ahead of the canary Alvaro Valido with who is tied points, and a single point of the representative of Greece Vasileia Karachaliou.

The Germans Helge & Christian Sach remain undefeated in F-18, ahead of their compatriots Justus Wolf and Max Said. In RS: X Magüi Suárez, obtained the first position ahead of the also member of the RCNGC, Javier Rodríguez Ramos.

The Techno 293 OD class has the Norwegian Kristian Kramer Wendelborg as first, followed closely by the canary Claudia Lorenzo Jorge.

Adapted sailing  2.4mR, Jussi Ahlstrom, thanks to his two partial victories is placed in first position, in the absence of the latest tests that will take place tomorrow.

For Monday another three races are planned, starting at 11:00 am. The Race Committee expects to start at the scheduled time as the weather conditions seem to be conducive to new tests.

The Real Club Náutico de Gran Canaria kicked off the Canary Olympic Sailing Week organized during these days. The Gran Canaria sailors take the lead in this first day, in most of the disputed categories. Only in F18 and 2.4mR the Germans and Finnish won respectively.

Locals kept the control in this first day of regatta. Sailors of the Real Club Náutico de GC lead the top positions of most categories that were disputed today.

The lack of wind became the focus in this 1st day. The Race Committee gave the start in different occasions since the wind rose and calmed down and finally they decided to stop the race for today.

The fleet that was in the water over four hours trying to give the best it’s made up of 150 sailors from 13 countries and representatives from all the autonomous communities.

The results of the tests that could be disputed are as follows. In Laser Standard Joel Rodríguez, outstanding sailor of the Real Club Náutico, was 1st. In 29er Class Andrés Barrio/Néstor Vega.

All 420 sailors are local and the leaders are Elias Aretz  and Pablo Garcia. The Hansa 303 Double category had members of the Real Club Nautico as winners, Rosa Padrón and Luis Poladura. In Snipe class  Rafael del Castillo and Helenio Hoyos also members of RCNGC.

F18 had in the German sailors, Helge and Christian Sach the most outstanding followed by another pair of Germans, Justus Wolf and Max Said. Precisely note that the Sach are regular in the competitions of the RCN Gran Canaria and have been training and competing for over 20 years.

In the adapted sailing class only Finns were enrolled and Anna-Liisa Oxby won.

The Semana Olímpica Canaria de Vela is possible thanks to the collaboration of the Royal Spanish Sailing Federation, the sponsorship of the Government of the Canary Islands, as well as the Cabildo of Gran Canaria and the City Council of Las Palmas.

Swedish Jesper Stalheim (Laser Standard), Dutch Marit Bouwmeester (Laser Radial women), Polish Marcin Rudawski (Laser Radial men) and Canarian Ismael Iess (Laser Radial under-21) have been announced winners of the European Championship and European Trophy in a race that has concluded this Friday in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

This European Laser Championship 2016 ends with 12 races that had all conditions of wind and waves, making it very exciting for sailors to compete.The event was organized by the Real Club Náutico de Gran Canaria, the European Laser Class Association (Eurilca) and the Royal Spanish Sailing Association in Gran Canaria.
The podium for this European Laser Standard championship also includes the Norwegian Kristian Ruth -Silver medal- and the Italian Giovanni Coccoluto -bronce. Josefin Olsson is now runner-up in Laser Radial women while Tuula Tenkanen won the bronce.
In Radial men the bronce is for Jonasz Stelmaszyk.
Representing Korea, Jeemin Haa won the Silver in the open championship, threatening the European domination.
The last day of the championship has offered sailors amazing conditions, with 8-12 knots and a typical long wave from the Atlantic.
Trophies were given this afternoon to the winners in the Real Club Náutico de Gran Canaria, presided by Maria Rosa Diaz-Bertrana accompanied by members such as Joaquin Blanco (representing the Spanish Sailing Association) and Ewa Jodlowska representing Eurilca.
Norwegian Hermann Tomasgaard has taken the lead in Laser Standard in second last day of the European Senior Laser Championship in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
Many changes in the lead of the Olympic male class in a shifty day that started with light winds and ended with stronger ones. Conditions for the second last day of the championship ranged between 5-6 knots and 10, with less waves than previous days.
The Real Club Nautico de Gran Canaria, the European Laser Class Association (Eurilca) and the Real Federacion Española de Vela (RFEV) are the organizers of this championship, hosting 267 sailors from 47 countries.
Today there were 3 races, and there are another three scheduled for tomorrow, last day of this European Championship. Time limit for the last race is this Friday 16:00.
Swedish Jesper Stalheim is provisionally Silver, only two points bellow the leader, while the Argentinian Julio Alsogaray is Bronce, only four points to the leader. Nick Thompson -Gold medalist in London 2012- had an unlucky day and went down to the 15th position.
Dutch Marit Bouwmeester is the leader of the Gold group in Laser Radial female with 24 points, only one ahead Swedish Jossefin Olsson. Bouwmeester & Olsson are very tied before the last day of races and the Chinese -Gold Medal in London 2012- Lijia Xu is Bronce at the moment.
Polish Marcin Rudawski is the leader in Laser Radial male, with Canarian sailor Ismael Iess chasing behind in the second position -and first under 21. Polish Jonasz Stelmaskzyk is an steady third.
The third day of the European Senior Laser Championship continues with Thompson’s leadership is threatened with only two points above Alsogaray & Buhl, and the race in Laser Radial female is headed between Bouwmeester & Olsson -both tied again in number of points.
The qualifying rounds have finished and tomorrow will start the finals for the Olympic classes.
In Laser Radial male, the Polish Marcin Rudawski stays at the top while the Canarian sailors Alejandro Bethencourt and Ismael Iess are second and third, tied in number of points at the moment.
The Real Club Nautico de Gran Canaria, the European Laser Association (Eurilca) and the Real Federacion Española de Vela (RFEV) organize this championship hosting 267 sailors from 47 countries.
The weather conditions in the race course in Gran Canaria have been very shifty, making it quite difficult for sailors today. Wind shifts from 6 to 16 knots, constant changes in direction and big waves, similar to previous days for this Championship.
In Laser Standard the current world champion (Nick Thompson) holds the lead, although a disqualifying start helped both the Argentinian Julio Alsogaray and the German Philipp Buhl to come a bit closer. Alsogaray and Buhl are tied with 14 points, only two points under the leader.
The Laser Radial female race is also very tight. Dutch Marit Bouwmeester leads with 7 points, same as the Swedish Josefin Olsson. Both sailors have tied with the exact same positions so far, three poles and two seconds.
Only in the sixth race, Bouwmeester took the lead with a 3rd position above Olsson’s 8th. Finish Tuula Tenkanen holds the bronce so far with 12 points, while Chinese Lijia Xu is 4th with 17 points.
Tomorrow there are two races scheduled for Laser Standard & Laser Radial female, while the Laser Radial boys will have 3 races.

Today, there will be a meal for all sailors after racing. During this meal we’ll proceed to the price giving ceremony


RCNGC has a new account number for bank transfers to pay entry fees for the Regata de Carnaval :

la Caixa

Pl. de Santa Isabel, 9

35001 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Canary Islands. Spain.


IBAN: ES27 2100 1668 1202 0018 6862


With 12/15 knots the two first races of the 30th edition of International AECIO Trophy for Optimist class were resolved. Max Rondeu (CN Arenys de Mar), Arnau Gelpí (CN Balís) and Ruben Naranjo (RCNGC) lead the regatta after an opening day that ultimately provided superb sailing conditions.

145 sailors from five countries competing in the regatta organized by the Real Club Nautico de Gran Canaria and Canary Islands AECIO  with the collaboration of Royal Spanish Sailing Federation, the Canarian Sailing Federation and the Sailing Federation from Gran Canaria.

The wind put up a fight on this day of haze. The 145 sailors waited nearly two hours on land, and finally at 13:30 hours a north wind rose that eventually provided a great day of sailing on the race course located in front of the neighborhood of San Cristobal, on the coast of Las Palmas.

The International AECIO Trophy celebrates its 30th birthday this weekend with the presence of approx.160sailors from five countries and seven regions. The AECIO Trophy involves the class farewell to the sailors of the Club who, because of age, must pass to a bigger boat.

Besides RCNGC sailors, athletes from other islands and other communities will participate: Tenerife, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura; other communities: Catalonia, Cantabria, Galicia, Valencia and Murcia, and other countries: Poland, Sweden, Russia and Germany.

The International AECIO Trophy  for  Optimist class is the second round of the Excellence Cup, a winter circuit which includes the International Meeting of Vigo (October 30 to November 1), the International Trophy of Torrevieja (28-31 January ) and the Palamós Trophy Nations Cup (18-21 February).

Moreover, it is the third round of the Optimist Circuit of the Canary Islands, which begins in Tenerife with Pel Escuder in October, continues the Fuerteventura’s Cup in November and culminates in the Lanzarote Trophy in February.

9 tests have been scheduled between Sunday 27 and Tuesday 29.

The trophy is a qualifier for the Championship of Spain 2016 organized by the Real Club Nautico de Gran Canaria at Easter

Information on transport and charter boats for the European Laser Championship 2016 is available in logisticstransport info & charter suppliers