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The Canary Olympic Sailing Week – El Corte Inglés Trophy puts the final touch after four days of competition in a spectacular day of races in the bay of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria with winds up to 18 knots. The participant sailors, among them medalist and Olympic diplomas, world and European champions and first-level sportspersons, clarified the final winners of the race.

The duo of the Real Club Náutico de Gran Canaria Onán Barreiros and Juan Curbelo were proclaimed champions in the 470 Male class after a brilliant last race. The Canarians did not do very well the first day with a 15th and 17th places, which they were able to eliminate after 10 races. From then on, they got places up to the 10th. The Germans Wagner/Baldewein and Gerz/Szymansky completed the podium.

The British Mills/Clark finish the competition with another 3 first places, having won 9 out of the 10 races disputes and prevailing over the Russians Kirliuk/Dmitrieva and the Italians Komatar/Carraro.

The Polish Jonas Stelmaszyk was the winner in Laser Standard, 3 points ahead of his biggest rival during the whole competition, the Italian Marco Gallo. The third place was for the Spanish Jesús Rogel.

The Finnish Tuula Tenkanen, world silver in 2013, was the winner in Laser Radial Female ahead of the Danish Anne Marie Rindon, who could not win because of a penalty, and the local sailor of the RCNGC, Martina Reino.

In Laser Radial Male the title was for the Spanish Kevin Cabrera, who, with three first places during the last day, overcame the also Spanish Joel Rodríguez and Francisco González, second and third places respectively.

In the new Olympic class Nacra 17 the Danish Adreasen/Christensen prevailed, with 8 points ahead the Germans Lenz/Susann, and the also Germans Sach/Bleich with 9 points.

The German crews took the podium in Catamaran F18, Shuetz/Odefey first, Friedrichsen/Kuehl second and third place for the duo Maurer/Oldenburg.

The Spanish Olympian in London 2012 Iván Pastor, from Alicante, prevailed in RS:X Male over the Dutch Badloe and the Portuguese Rodrigues, who took out of the podium the other Spanish teammate, Juanma Moreno.

The German Moana Delle confirmed her leadership during the whole competition by winning in RS:X female. The French Eugenie Ricard and the Spanish Blanca Carracedo completed the podium.

-This Sunday, the 8th of December, the champions of the 7 Olympic classes and the 2 international classes disputed in Grancanarian waters will be announced.

The third day of the XV Canary Olympic Sailing Week – El Corte Inglés Trophy, organized by the Real Club Náutico de Gran Canaria, offered a great show and an interesting fight of the sailors of the 7 Olympic classes and the 2 international ones which bring together first-level international sailors in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria waters.

After completed the 5 races in all the classes, eliminations have begun and the places have started to be defined for this Sunday, a thrilling day with all the titles in play.

Undoubtely, this Saturday has been till now the day with the better windy conditions, with an intensity between 8 and 12 knots southeast.

In 470 Male the last day is expected to be thrilling, since the first 3 qualified are separated only by 3 points. The Russians Chans/Goretyi are the new leaders with 24, followed by the Italians Desiderato/Trani, with 26; and from the former leaders the Germans Gerz/Szymansky, with 27 points.

Only a downfall will deprive the British Mills/Clark of winning a new competition in Gran Canaria. With 3 first places in the races disputed on Saturday and with 6 victories in 7 races in the general one, they go 12 points ahead from the second qualified, the Russians Kirliuk/Dmitrieva; and with 17 points from the Italians Komatar/Carraro, who are in the third place.

The Polish Jonasz Stelmaszyk, with 12 points in the six races disputed, is the new leader in Laser Standard, after stealing this privileged place from the Italian Marco Gallo, leader the two first days. The Lithuanian Karolis Januliones goes third.

Canarian dominance in Laser Radial

Three Canarians, Kevin Cabrera from Tenerife (14 points), Francisco González from La Palmas (15), both from the Náutico de Tenerife, and the local from the RCNGC, Joel Rodríguez (20), go first places in the qualification of Laser Radial Male and they will play hard for the title the last day, separated only by 6 points.

On the other hand, once the eliminations have been applied, the sailor of the Real Club Náutico de Gran Canaria Martina Reino, goes ahead in Laser Radial Female with 15 points, overtaking the Finnish Mikkola and Tenkannen in 3 and 11 points, respectively.

In RS:X Male, the Spanish Olympian in London 2012 Iván Pastor, is almost about to win the title with 7 points on his side, thanks to his excellent races up to now (1st, 3rd and 1st). The Spanish Juanma Moreno gets the second place, while the third one goes to the Portuguese Joao Rodrigues.

The German Moana Delle has also put on track her victory in RS:X Female, who, with a DNF and two first places, goes three points ahead the French Eugenie Ricard and 7 ahead the Spanish Blanca Carracedo, in the third place.

The title in Nacra 17 class will be fought by the Danish Adreasen/Christensen, who score 7 points, and by the Germans Lenz/Susann, who aspire to be winners the last day of the races with 8 points.

In F18, the duo Schuetz/Odefey go first with 10 points, followed by Raisanen/Sach, with 11, and Friedrichsen/Kuehl, third with 12 points.

The British 470 class sailor, silver medal in London 2012 Olympic Games, is one of the attractions of the XV Canary Olympic Sailing Week – El Corte Inglés Trophy, organized by the Real Club Náutico de Gran Canaria. She also got the gold medal together with her team mate Saskia Clark in Barcelona World Championship last year, and now she is making the most of her stay in Gran Canaria to keep on training for the next season.

Hannah perfectly knows the field of regattas in Gran Canaria, where she was world champion in Optimist in 2003 and got the same world title in 420 in 2006.

-What do you expect from your participation in the Canary Olympic Week?

-Our intention is to sail the best we can in incredible conditions. Saskia and I feel like enjoying in Gran Canaria again, where we have always obtained good results and, more importantly, we have trained and compete with guarantees.

-What do you focus on when you are in the water?

-Undoubtedly, the most important is to read the situation when sailing.

-Do you consider Gran Canaria a good place to train during winter?

-Absolutely, I’m convinced. It’s an incredible and fantastic place which meets the best conditions to train and sail during this season, when our countries are frozen (laughter). We feel very well here.

-Saskia Clark and you got the Olympic silver at home, in London, representing the British team. What will be your next challenge?

-We have to continue training to obtein a gold medal one day.

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This Saturday we will be able to see the first eliminations and glimpse the places for the last race on Sunday.

Good day of regattas in the second day of the Canary Olympic Sailing Week – El Corte Inglés Trophy in the bay of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, showing to be one of the main winter training areas and meeting point of olympic medallist, world and European champions and first level international sailors, who are offering a great level these two first days of competition.

Today two races have been held in the 7 Olympic classes and two international ones which are being disputed until Sunday, the 9th of December in the Grancanarian capital. The wind, from 5 to 8 knots southeast, allowed us to see some of the best sailors of Europe in Gran Canaria. With 4 races disputed in most of the classes, the change of leadership has been the prevailing trend today.

In 470 class male, change in qualification with the German couple Gerz/Szymansky as new leaders with 13 points, 4 less than the Russians Chans/Goretyi (17), and 10 ahead the third ones, the Italians Desiderato/Trani (23).

The British duo Mills/Clark continue unrivalled in 470 Female, with a 1st and 2nd places in the two races held today, with 5 points they go 9 points ahead the Russians Kiliuk/Dmitrieva, and 11 ahead the Frenchs Blandin/Mery de Bell.

The Italian Marco Gallo, with 11 points, still leads the Laser Standard class with just one point ahead the Polish Stelmaszyk in 4 races. The third place goes to the Spanish Jesús Rogel, who enters provisionally the podium with a 3rd and 10th place.

Change of leader in Laser Radial Male class, in which the Spanish Kevin Cabrera snatchs to his partner of Real Club Náutico Tenerife Francisco González (17) the first position with 13 points. Third place for the sailor Benjamin Vadnai and fourth for the local sailor Joel Rodríguez.

The Germans Kjakob/Brechlin are the new leaders in the Olympic class Nacra 17, thanks to the 1st and 2nd places today, which allow them to beat the Danish Adreasen/Christensen and their compatriots Sach/Bleich.

Schuetz/Odefey confirm their leadership in Catamaran F18, beating their compatriots Maurer/Oldenburg with a 2nd and 1st places in the two races, and the Grancanarian Carlos Loureiro and José Ponce, third place in the qualification with a 1st and 2nd places.

The RS:X surfboards have been able to dispute two races today. The Spanish Iván Pastor is the new leader of the class after prevailing in the two races held this Friday and getting a total of 7 points. The second place goes to the Dutch Kiran Badloe, with 10 points, and the third place is for the Portuguese Joao Rodrigues, with 12 points.

In the female category, the German Moana Delle still leads with 4 points, with a 2nd and 1st places today. Second place for the French Eugenie Ricard, with 5 points, and third the Spanish Blanca Carracedo, with 10 points.

Two races were disputed for Laser Radial class, Laser Standard and 470, and one for F18, Nacra 17 and RS:X. The wind flew 5 to 6 knots northeast.

The Canary Olympic Sailing Week – El Corte Inglés Trophy, organized by the Real Club Náutico of Gran Canaria (the Royal Yacht Club), started this Thursday, 5th of December with the dispute of the first part of the races in the different classes.

At 10.30, the Race Comittee gave the start signal to all the classes to leave to the two areas of the races located in the bay of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, with the exception of RS:X.

The Canary duo formed by Rayco Tabares and Alfredo González leads brilliantly the 470 male after two excelent partials, in the 3rd and 2nd places, ahead by a point from the second ones, the Germans Gerz and Szymansky.

The British Hannah Mills, Olympic second place in 470 in London 2012, who knows very well the bay where she was world champion in Optimist 2003 and 420 in 2006, prevailed in the two races of 470 female showing her superiority. The Italians Komatar and Carraro (7+2) were second, and the Frechs Blandin and De Bell (2+7), third.

The Italian Marco Gallo and the Polish Jonasz Stelmaszyk lead the Laser Standard qualification tied with 3 points, after having won and got a second place each of them.

The Canarian Francisco González, with 6 points (2+4) is leader in Laser Radial Male, while the Canarian Kevin Cabrera gets the second place with one more point. Third place is for the Hungarian Banjamin Vadnai, who lost the leadership because of a sanction of 3 points.

On the other hand, in Laser Radial female, the Lithuanian Viktoria Andrulyte leads having won the two races. The Grancanarian Martina Reino competed very well with two third places and gets the third position in the general one, tied with the second one, the Finnish Monika Mikkola.

Both the male and female RS:X class disputed only one race. In the male category, the Balear yatchman Joan Carles won the race, followed by the British Joe Bennet and the Dutch Kiran Badloe. The German Moana Delle won the female category in a race in which the Spanish Pilar Lamadrid and Blanca Alabau could not take part due to illness.

In Catamaran F18 the Geman crews were masters. The duo Schuetz/Odefei got the first place, followed by their compatriots Maurer and Oldenburg. The victory in Nacra 17 was for the Germans Sach and Bleich, who won the sailing race in this class against the Danish Adreasen and Christensen.

The second day of races will take place on Friday the 6th of December, when the organization of the Canary Olympic Sailing Week – El Corte Inglés Trophy expects to continue with the racing programm.

The waters of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria bay are ready to embrace the XV Canary Olympic Sailing Week competition – El Corte Inglés Trophy, which will start this Thursday, the fourth of December in the two boat racing classes held in the capital of Gran Canaria.

The XV Canary Oympic Sailing Week will bring together medallists and olympic diplomas, world and European champions and some of the youth sailing world promises in the 7 olympic and two international classes which will take part in the race. It consists of a team of first-level participants who will make the capital of Gran Canaria the epicentre of world sailing from the 5 to the 8 of December, days when the boat race is taking place.

Olympic and national teams from 22 countries will compete in the Olympic classes of Laser Radial (female), Laser Standard (male), RS:X (male and female), 470 (male and female) and Nacra 17: and in the international ones of Catamaran F18 and male Laser Radial.

Dear international sailors:
The organization has created a «sailing area” with wifi and seating areas that will be looked after by our restaurant staff and not be subject to the Club restaurant hours. It will have larger tables to eat in groups and may be accessed with sailing clothes.
You may continue to use the terrace of our Club but you should follow the same attire as the rest of the members.
We wish you a happy stay in Gran Canaria.
The President.

For the first time in its history, the XV Canary Olympic Sailing Week-Trofeo El Corte Inglés will have the participation of 7 international Olympic classes and two international classes that will compete in two race courses spread over four interesting race days.

Among those registered for the regatta are several Olympic medalists, World and Europe Champions as well as youth teams and promises of many countries from Northern Europe.

Sailors like the British Hannah Mills silver medal at the London Olympics in the 470 class, the German Moana Delle and Maayan Davidovich from Israel fifth and sixth in RS:X W Class in London, English silver RS:X M Nick Dempsey, Irish Annalise Murphy and Alison Young fourth and fifth in Women’s Laser Radial are some of the participants this year .
As for the national teams present at this year’s test, are the strongest teams in Standard and Laser Radial Women of Lithuania, Norway, Sweden, England, Poland and Denmark. In 470, crews from Germany, Italy, Portugal, Russia and Spain will face between them and representatives from Sweden, France, Finland and the Czech Republic.

After eight qualifying events on the Royal Yacht Club, sailor Joaquin Blanco Albalat, has qualified in the Gold group after finishing the qualifying heats .
Joaquín Blanco is part of the Royal Spanish Sailing Federation Team that has moved to Muscat in Oman Arab Emirate , to compete in the World Championship of this Olympic class .
At the head of the overall standings right now, is the World sailing legend of the Brazilian Robert Scheidt, who after passing through the Star and an Olympic medal , has returned at 40 years to the Laser class .
The regattas have been physically very demanding, as is usual in the Laser class . The thermal wind generated by the heat of the desert , has ranged between 12-20 knots.
Joaquin Blanco whose best finish has been a 15 in the fifth set, is the 57 in general, but is likely to gain positions . For the next few days is expected less wind on the race course located in the vicinity of Al Mussanah Sports City.
The other part of Spanish team, Jesus Rogel has been unable to make the cut, a BFD on the first day and some prick did not allow him to be among the best.
These two sailors along with other class mates, who are in Oman, will have a new appointment in the Canary Olympic Sailing Week to be held in early December in our Club and that will be a qualifying race for the Spanish pre-Olympic team of this Class.